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Neil Frost Comedian



Comedian & Actor

"Silliness as an art form"


"A fast-paced, multidimensional masterclass in comedy" 






22/02/24    Neil Frost: The Door @ Adelaide Fringe, Australia

29/02/24    Neil Frost: The Door @ Adelaide Fringe, Australia

07/03/24    Neil Frost: The Door @ Adelaide Fringe, Australia   

23/05/24    Neil Frost: The Door @ Brighton Spiegeltent, UK

24/05/24    The Establishment  @ Brighton Spiegeltent, UK

29/05/24    Neil Frost: The Door @ Prague Fringe, Prague    

30/05/24    Neil Frost: The Door @ Prague Fringe, Prague  

31 /05/24    Neil Frost: The Door @ Prague Fringe, Prague

01 /06/24    Neil Frost: The Door @ Prague Fringe, Prague

09/07/24    Neil Frost: The Door @ Soho Theatre, UK


Neil Frost Comedian and Actor

Neil Frost is a graduate of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and has worked for over 17 years as an actor, comedian and compere, performing in theatre, on film, for audio, at festivals and in immersive shows. 

He has a vast experience in corporate entertainment, having performed at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, for the Royal Household, CEOs, celebrities and for many very ordinary people.


Alongside comedian Dan Lees, Neil formed the multi-award-winning theatre company Mad Etiquette, specialising in physical comedy and clown influenced contemporary performance. They have created shows both for adults and children which have received critical acclaim.


As a compere Neil regularly performs at many UK and International festivals and has been a studio  warm-up comedian for ITV’s Loose Women.

Click here for full CV:

Neil Frost Spotlight CV

Mad Etiquette

Mad Etiquette, co-founded by comedians Neil Frost and Dan Lees, have a variety of shows that tour the UK and Internationally and are available for hire. 

The Establishment

Side-splitting, stiff upper-lipped character double act by Neil Frost and Dan Lees. These charming and eccentric English gents bring the belly laughs with a mix of slapstick, clowning and quick-fired wit.

The Establishment have performed in the UK and Internationally, including Battersea Arts Centre, Soho Theatre, Comedy Store London, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Adelaide, Berlin, Brighton, Edinburgh and Prague Fringe Festivals.


The act is available as a full show and for any length of cabaret/comedy night performance.

CC sticker flat.jpg

Best Children’s Event Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award 2019

Boozy Bingo

Comedians Neil Frost and Cassie Atkinson are The Grand Doozers, 90's TV's most forgot husband and wife gameshow hosts.


Boozy Bingo is a night of character comedy, retro games and drunken bingo.  The show has been performed for various corporate clients including Google, Gamesy, The Breakfast Club and for private parties and weddings.

The shows content and length can be tailored for any event.

Fool Britannia interactive school comedy

The Story of the Nervous Man

Neil Frost's hour long solo silent clown show has been performed at the Camden, Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festival.  


At the 2015 Prague Fringe Festival it was nominated for the Inspiration Award (Best New Show).  

The show has friendly audience interaction and is suitable for all audiences

The Establishment comedy

NATYS: New Act of the Year Finalist 2017


Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award 2019 

Captain Cauliflower and 

Marvin the Mischievous Moose

Join the invincible Captain Cauliflower and his faithful companion Marvin on an unforgettable adventure, filled with extreme silliness and unquestionable danger.

The show had a sell-out run at Assembly Festival Edinburgh, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and the Adelaide Fringe and at the Spiegeltent in Brighton.

The 50 minute non-verbal performance combines physical comedy and imaginative storytelling suitable for children 3 plus.

Boozy Bingo for hire

Fool Britannia

Welcome to Britain’s worst school. Taunt the nervous supply teacher, bunk off PE and get caught smoking behind the bike sheds.  Dan Lees and Neil Frost take you back to school for an hour of sublime silliness.


Fool Britannia is a school themed stage show, but has also been performed as part of the immersive dining experience Mam Sham and is available as an interactive walk about act.  

Silent Clown Show

The Door

Intergalactic Psychedelic

Space Invasion Game Show

Broadcasting live from the planet Farzawayzeez  intergallactic sensations Egocentrica and Headinhisarsica, Neil Frost and Jessie-Luisa Flynn,  challenge you to stop the  destruction of Earth in an interactive and wildly fun game show. 

The show can be performed online and also for live events.  Ideal for team bonding and parties.

 A nostalgic and heartfelt theatre comedy about living with grandparents in 1980's suburban Britain, childhood dreams and the choices we make.


The solo show is performing in 2004 at the Adelaide Fringe, Prague Fringe, Brighton Spiegeltent and London's Soho Theatre. 

Neil Frost The Door.jpg

Compere, Walkabout and 

Immersive Theatre

festival compere

Neil has a lot of experience compering for outdoor stages and as an interactive street performer for various festivals and events, including Glastonbury Festival, London to Brighton Bike Race and the Old Vic Theatre Bicentenary.  He has worked for the Inflatable Church and also with pioneering immersive theatre company Shunt.


Mad Etiquette can provide highly skilled interactive performers and comperes who can adapt to different environments, audiences of all ages and for any type of event.


For further info visit:

or email:

Mad Etiquette
Boozy Bingo
Nervous Man
the Establishment
Fool Britannia

Press& Awards

The Door - solo show



"Masterful silliness...a rare treat, not one to miss"

The Clothesline


 "Genuinely touching when you’re not laughing out loud" 

Stage Whisper

The Establishment

NATYS: New Act of the Year Finalist 2017

Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award 2019 


"This is silliness as an art form and it is a fine thing"



"A fast-paced, multidimensional masterclass in comedy" 


"One of the funniest and most nimble-footed pieces of theatre you could hope to see"



"Dan Lees and Neil Frost are fast becoming Fringe favourites" 



 "Very cleverly observed"


"Glorious.. fresh and funny"



"You can imagine this going down very well indeed at the Palladium or the BBC”



“Enjoy the charming chutzpah of Dan Lees and Neil Frost.. they don’t miss a beat”


“One of the best shows I’ve seen this year.. top class”


Captain Cauliflower and Marvin the Mischievous Moose


Best Children's Event Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award 2019 


"A riotous clowning comedy for little ones that makes adults giggle as much as children. Captain Cauliflower and Marvin the Mischievous Moose is wonderful silly fun. This clowning pair are hilarious"

Fest Magazine



 “Forget Superman, don’t bother with Batman, there’s a new superhero in town”

Adelaide Advertiser

"Captain Cauliflower, the heroic vegetable children can't get enough of"

The Age


"Captain Cauliflower delivers an action-packed hour of physical comedy..

Brilliantly imaginative"

Primary Times

 The Story of the Nervous Man

Prague Fringe Festival Inspiration Award Nominee 2015


"Neil Frost’s show is a gem of a piece.. guaranteed to give you a good hour of enjoyment"


"Mr. Frost is so endearing that you cannot help but play along" 


"We absolutely loved this show! Neil was hilarious! it's a no-brainer, you must see!"


Clowns Without Borders

CWB 4.jpg

Neil trained in clown and comedic character with Complicité Theatre's Mick Barnfather and with Phil Burgers aka Dr Brown.  He now regularly uses his clowning skills on tour with Clowns Without Borders UK, a charity that aims to relieve suffering through laughter and play in areas of crisis.


Neil has performed for large numbers of children and adults in refugee camps in Serbia, Greece, Bangladesh and for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.  In 2019, alongside a group of Clown Without Borders UK trainers, Neil worked in Jordon with a troupe of Syrian performers running workshops to help them develop the first National Circus of Syria.

Clowns Without Borders is a UK registered charity, all their professional performers work on a voluntary basis and all public donations help this vital work to continue.  

To find out more visit

Clowns Without Borders



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Neil Frost is a London based actor and comedian represented by boutique management agency Jackson Foster.


For shows, bookings or further information contact Neil directly: 

Neil Frost Equity
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